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When you succeed, we fulfill our mission!

Why we do it

God is Bigger (GIB) is committed to restoring hope where it has been lost. An undertaking as grand and sweeping as this is not a lone undertaking. To truly restore hope to the world, it will require a large body of people working in concert with each other.

Therefore, one of the ways we touch those who have lost hope is to reach through organizations and groups that have existing relationships. In practice, this looks like GIB partnering with non-profit organizations that have a parallel vision.

We understand your challenges

We know you are under-funded and overworked, which is why we have designed this program to be hassle-free with no headaches. There is absolutely no risk to you or your organization. All you will need to do is spread the word. You already maintain regular contact with your support base, so you simply need to share how they can put money into your organization by purchasing a beautiful high quality product! We will provide you with all the communication tools you will need. You can choose from any of them - website banners, text links, email shells, and fliers. If you have a specific communication avenue that works best for your supporters, we will custom design a tool for you at no cost!

The ways in which we resource your organization come in different packages - retail based fundraising, on-site event support, and customized organization product development. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Retail based fundraising

This is a no-risk, no-capital investment method to raise funds for your organization. Once your request for partnership has been approved, you will be provided a Partner Code.  When customers purchase items from they simply enter your code on the checkout page. At the end of every month, we prepare a report for you indicating the gross sales assigned to your partner code. We forward this report along with a check for 20% of the gross.*

On-site event support

When you have a special event (e.g. - walk-a-thon, concert, golf tournament), we want to support you. We can bring a fundraising component to your site and provide you proceeds from the sale of every item sold at your event. We also recognize the amount of effort that is required to host events like these, and so we offer our sweat and (if needed) our blood and tears in any facet we can plug-into.

Custom organization product development

We have partnered with one of the finest apparel designers in the industry and one of the hottest new jewelry designers around. If you would like an exclusive signature piece of jewelry of apparel designed and produced for your organization, we have the ability to simply blow you out of the water with our original works!! The margins you receive on pieces such as these are significantly higher than through our standard retail based fundraising program.  Contact us for details.

If you are interested in signing up as a Non-Profit Partner** please provide the following information:

Legal Organization name:
Organization phone:
Website URL:
Checks payable to:
Non-profit Tax ID #:
Address 1:
Address 2:
City / Town:
State / Province:
Zip / Postcode:

Point of contact name:
Point of contact position:
Point of contact email:
Point of contact day phone:
Point of contact eve phone:

Provide a short description of your organization (75 words):

Please enter the following code into the box provided:

* There are some products that do not qualify for the 20% retail based fundraising

**All requests are subject to review and approval by God is Bigger, Inc.