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God is Bigger, LLC
Giving back... giving hope!!

God is Bigger (GIB) started as a dream... a dream to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost hope. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Some of us lose hope over the death of a loved one, some over our seeming inability to break free from addictions... bankruptcy, foreclosure, imprisonment, abuse, divorce... the list goes on.

And yet, if we can simply hold fast to the perspective that God is BIGGER than anything we will ever face, and then surrender our problems to Him, we will receive the hope that only He can provide, and all those insurmountable mountains will look like they really are - simple circumstances that we can change with His help!

GIB is called to seek out those who have lost hope, and to help them regain sure footing in their lives. We fulfill this mission by providing quality goods and services that serve to refresh, or instill, the perspective that God is BIGGER than any challenge we could possibly face. We also pursue this calling by partnering with organizations who have existing relationships with those we are trying to reach. We provide connections to resources, information, and organizations where people can find help in dealing with their circumstances.

The "God is Bigger" message communicated by our product line is Biblical and speaks to everyone. As truth it rings true with all people. Please know that we are obedent to our calling to love and speak truth into all situations. We love and serve ALL who are suffering from the bonds of oppression, fear, guilt and grief by encouraging them to consider the one true God - and to consider that this God is a Father who loves us, and desires to save us.

The goal of GIB is to be a successful spirit lead corporation that acts as a light on a hill, giving hope to the world. Our objective is to reach those with health, economic, spiritual, legal and relational challenges.

Our business philosophy is simple: When life overtakes you, GIB wants to remind you that there is a God who can handle all your problems, and He desires to do so - if we would just ask.

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